The Wellness Incentives Workbook, New Edition

A hands-on, best practice approach to wellness incentives

We’ve updated our popular Wellness Incentives Workbook! We’ve kept those useful checklists to help you create smart, effective, and compliant incentives programs, but we’ve added new content on community-based rewards and best practices on communications.

To be effective and sustain engagement, wellness incentives must evolve year-over-year. And that means increasing complexity. And you have to meet higher expectations for engagement and outcomes—and do your best to keep on top of changing federal rules. It’s easy for something important to fall through the cracks.

The Wellness Incentives Workbook. It’s a hands-on, checklist-based guide to wellness incentives best practices, proven in data from our own book of business—the results of a year-long, 52-client, 2 million-person study.



  • Laying the groundwork for a successful incentives program
  • Communicating for highest engagement
  • Types of incentives to consider—and why
  • The big impacts that come from specific strategy adjustments
  • Meeting Affordable Care Act (ACA) rules—especially around outcomes-based rewards

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